About TintUp

The TintUp token was created by our company to provide customers with access to unique advertising opportunities. Thanks to this token, companies can establish more engaging relationships with customers and consumers – through interactive and personalized advertising campaigns.

The TintUp Project

is an innovative venture that combines advertising, marketing and modern blockchain technologies. Our goal is to revolutionize the advertising industry and provide unique solutions for companies and consumers.

The main assumption of the project is to create a digital asset – the TintUp token, which will be used in our advertising ecosystem. This token will be based on blockchain technology, specifically the Polygon platform, which will ensure security, immutability and transparency of transactions.

The TintUp token will perform multiple functions, including access to exclusive content, advertising offers and interactive campaigns. We believe that the TintUp token will contribute to better consumer engagement in advertising and allow companies to build stronger relationships with customers. By using innovative technological solutions, we want to make advertising more interesting and valuable for all parties involved.

We also plan to introduce loyalty programs in our advertising ecosystem that will be based on the TintUp token, which will allow us to reward customers for their activity and involvement in advertising campaigns.

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You can find our token contract address here:

In the TintUp solution, we use several technological solutions that enrich the functions and sophistication of our token. Here are examples of these solutions:

The TintUp token was created on the Polygon platform (formerly Matic Network), which is one of the leading layer 2 on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to Polygon, our token has fast and cheap transactions, eliminating the problems associated with gas fees on the traditional Ethereum blockchain.

We are introducing smart contracts, i.e. programs running on the blockchain that automate and secure transactions and interactions related to the TintUp token. Smart contracts ensure fairness and immutability of operations, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

TintUp Token is ERC-20 compliant, which means it is compatible with many cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. This makes it easier for users to store and trade our token on various platforms.

We will support various cryptocurrency wallets in our advertising ecosystem, allowing users to conveniently store and manage their TintUp tokens.

Technological solutions will enable us to collect data about user preferences and behavior in a safe and anonymous manner. This will allow you to create personalized and tailored advertising campaigns for each user.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts will enable us to create interactive advertising campaigns in which users can participate and receive rewards for their activity.

Thanks to these technological solutions, the TintUp token becomes an innovative and advanced digital asset, enabling more engaged and personalized advertising experiences for both companies and consumers. This will allow us to revolutionize the advertising industry and provide modern and valuable solutions for all parties involved.
Our goal

TintUp aims to revolutionize advertising through blockchain, offering personalized content and fostering stronger business-consumer relationships. We strive for fairness, transparency, and effectiveness, envisioning a positive and inspiring advertising experience for all.

Value and utility

The TintUp token holds value in our ecosystem, enabling customers to purchase advertising packages, access exclusive offers, and join loyalty programs. We see the token as the future of advertising, bringing benefits to both companies and consumers. Our ongoing investments in ecosystem development aim to offer innovative opportunities, ensuring quality and satisfaction for our clients.

Technology & blockchain

Thanks to blockchain technology, our token is resistant to counterfeiting and fraud, ensuring a fair and trusted environment for advertisers and consumers. Blockchain enables fast and efficient transaction processing, allowing for a seamless and immediate experience in our advertising ecosystem.

Role in the ecosystem

The TintUp token is a blockchain-based digital asset running on the Polygon platform. It plays a key role in our advertising ecosystem, enabling participants to benefit from innovative solutions and access to personalized and engaged advertising experiences.

Exclusive access

The TintUp token is used as a means of payment for interactive advertising campaigns, exclusive offers and in loyalty programs. Token holders also have access to unique content and rewards, which builds a bond between companies and consumers.

Way forward

The TintUp token transforms motorsport, offering innovative marketing solutions. Enhancing fan engagement, it enables interactive campaigns with unique rewards. The token also presents opportunities for funding and increased visibility for rally teams and drivers, ushering in a new era of personalized connections in motorsports advertising and marketing.

Still wondering

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a decentralized and distributed database that stores transactions and information in the form of blocks, interconnected using cryptographic keys. Unlike traditional central systems, blockchain is not controlled by a single entity, which provides greater security, reliability and transparency.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the TintUp project becomes more secure, transparent and innovative. This enables the introduction of personalized and engaged advertising experiences that meet the expectations and needs of both companies and consumers.

In the TintUp project, blockchain technology, and more specifically the Polygon platform, is used for several reasons:

Transactions and data stored on the blockchain are protected by advanced cryptographic mechanisms. This ensures that all advertising and transaction-related data is secure and immutable.

Due to its distributed nature, blockchain eliminates a single point of failure. This means that data in the advertising ecosystem is available and reliable regardless of potential disruptions.

All transactions are public and available for viewing, which means that anyone can check and verify the actions performed. This introduces greater transparency into advertisers’ activities and encourages honesty.

Thanks to blockchain, advertising processes are more efficient and fast. Transactions and payments can be processed without delays, which speeds up the entire ecosystem.

Blockchain enables tokenization, i.e. the creation of a digital asset such as the TintUp token. This opens up a range of opportunities related to economics, payments, loyalty programs and other innovative applications in advertising.

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