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Revving up innovation: Where motorsport meets blockchain’s fast lane, igniting a high-speed journey into the future of technology and performance.

What we're all about

We have been passionately involved in motorsport for many years, and our own rally team is an integral part of our history. Now we have decided to go beyond the usual patterns and combine our experience with an innovative approach.

We are introducing a new approach to advertising and marketing, using modern technologies, in particular tokenization. Thanks to this innovative solution, our company becomes more open and accessible to a wider group of people.

Our goal is to achieve greater results in reaching customers and building engagement in our activities. By combining the power of advertising, marketing and modern technologies, we are ready for the challenges of the future and to develop in the dynamic world of advertising and sports.

Where motorsport meets blockchain

The combination of the TintUp token with motorsport provides a fascinating insight into the future of the sport and opens the way to innovative marketing solutions.

The TintUp token can contribute to better engagement of motorsports fans. Thanks to tokenization, you can create interactive advertising campaigns that encourage fans to participate more actively and receive unique prizes and experiences related to this sport.

Using the TintUp token could be a way to improve funding for rally teams and drivers, as well as increase their visibility and support.

The entire TintUp token ecosystem opens up new opportunities for motorsports, encouraging a more engaged and personalized approach to relationships between competitors, teams, sponsors and fans. This is an exciting development for all motorsport enthusiasts and an opportunity to explore innovative solutions in the field of sports advertising and marketing.

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Check out our rally NFTs

You can choose from wide variety of rally NFTs. Be part of our sporting success by purchasing both archival and recent rally photos of our team.

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