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Project description

TintUp token is a universal tool that is used in various aspects of our business, which has been on the market for over 25 years. The token is designed to perform a variety of functions, enabling access to exclusive content, advertising offers and interactive campaigns. The project aims to create a personalized advertising experience for each user, tailored to their preferences and needs. We believe that the TintUp token will increase consumer engagement with advertising and enable companies to build stronger relationships with customers through innovative technology solutions aimed at making advertising more attractive and valuable to all stakeholders.

As part of our advertising ecosystem, we plan to introduce loyalty programs based on the TintUp token, which will allow us to reward customers for their activity and involvement in advertising campaigns. The goal of the TintUp project also includes striving for greater transparency and honesty in the advertising industry, eliminating fraud problems and achieving greater efficiency in the delivery of advertising messages.

Our goal and vision

Blockchain technology is the foundation of our project, which enables the introduction of innovative and effective solutions in the advertising industry, while ensuring full security and transparency for all ecosystem participants.

We strive to build stronger relationships between companies and their customers through interactive and personalized advertising campaigns that will increase consumer loyalty and engagement.

Additionally, our goal is to provide a fair and transparent advertising ecosystem, enabling companies to precisely measure campaign results and achieve greater effectiveness in reaching their target audience.

TintUp Chart
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About our project

The TintUp token is a digital asset based on blockchain technology, operating on the Polygon platform. It plays a key role in our advertising ecosystem, enabling participants to benefit from innovative solutions and giving access to personalized and engaging advertising experiences.

The TintUp token acts as a means of payment for interactive advertising campaigns, exclusive offers and loyalty programs. Token holders benefit from access to unique content and rewards, which strengthens the bonds between companies and consumers. Ultimately, TintUp creates a digital ecosystem in which the token is a key tool that enables dynamic and personalized advertising interactions. Due to our involvement in sports for many years, the TintUp token will be used to promote and finance promising competitors taking part in car rallies.

TintUp Token Contract Address 0x0a150d8aA755074f2491Adf07E671aDcfbceC818

Number of tokens in circulation: 10,000,000,000 pcs


Until December 31, 2023

  – After paying the invoice, each of our clients will receive free TintUp tokens to their crypto wallet address in the following conversion: $1 spent = 4 TintUp tokens

  – When purchasing NFT at OpenSea, each buyer will receive free tokens in the following conversion: $1 spent = 500 TintUp tokens

After January 1, 2024

Sales will be launched on DEX Uniswap and on Quickswap.

By introducing the TintUp token on DEX exchanges (Uniswap, Quickswap), we give users the opportunity to freely exchange and trade our digital asset. This initiative aims to create an open and decentralized marketplace where our retailers, investors and advertising enthusiasts can freely purchase or sell TintUp tokens according to current demand and supply. The launch of our token on Uniswap and other Dex platforms is a step towards increasing the accessibility of TintUp, enabling the broader community to benefit from the unique features and benefits our advertising ecosystem offers.

  1. Introducing innovative loyalty programs based on the TintUp token to reward active participants and build stronger connections between companies and consumers.
  2. Forge strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, advertising companies and industry leaders to strengthen TintUp’s position in the market.
  3. Continuing the process of listing the TintUp token on additional cryptocurrency exchanges, thereby increasing the availability and range of trading.
  4. Conducting marketing and educational campaigns to increase awareness of the cryptocurrency community and advertisers regarding the potential and benefits of the TintUp token.
  1. Monitoring changes in regulations and adapting the TintUp project to possible new regulations to ensure compliance with applicable standards.
  2. Regular update of compliance documentation with applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Creation of an integrated risk management system, including the identification, analysis and management of potential security threats.
  4. Active cooperation with regulatory authorities, providing necessary information and cooperation towards adapting to possible changes in regulations.

Security and regulatory compliance are fundamental priorities for the TintUp project to protect user interests, ensure transparency of operations, and maintain the integrity and credibility of the entire ecosystem.

  1. Creation of interactive communication channels, such as social media, discussion forums and chats, to enable active community participation in the life of the project.
  2. Providing educational materials to the community about blockchain technology, crypto tokens and how to use the TintUp advertising ecosystem.
  3. Focus on building a strong niche community of both advertising enthusiasts and investors to create a diverse and engaged environment.

We will keep you updated on all news and changes introduced on the blog and on social media.

Launching an initiative to create an exclusive NFT collection on the OpenSea platform, providing unique collectible experiences for the TintUp community.

Implementation of the TintUp token creation process on the advanced Polygon blockchain platform, ensuring transaction security, scalability and efficiency.

Beginning of the stage of distribution of TintUp tokens among the company’s customers, during which each customer will receive free tokens as a reward for their activity.

Conducting the listing process of the TintUp token on Uniswap, along with the creation of a liquidity pool to ensure market liquidity and availability for investors.

Introducing the TintUp token to the world of sports through cooperation with the Rally Team, which will enable the token to be used in unique and committed sports initiatives.

Continuing expansion in the DeFi market by adding the TintUp token to the Quickswap platform, while creating a liquidity pool.

Full implementation of the TintUp token in advertising campaigns, enabling interactive, personalized advertising experiences for both businesses and consumers.

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